Portfolio Management

As licensed Personal Financial Specialists and Certified Public Accountants, Carolina Wealth Management has the knowledge and experience to execute complex, sophisticated trading strategies. Clear communication with our clients about their objectives and investments is a top priority. The areas where we provide you guidance include:

Asset Allocation

We take the time to get to know you well before proposing an investment strategy. We always base our asset allocation decisions on how much or how little risk you are comfortable assuming. No matter what the strategy, we provide a structured approach that eliminates the emotion-based mistakes that can devastate investors who invest based on impulse, rather than on solid planning.

Tax Optimization

We manage our clients’ portfolios with tax consequences in mind. As CPAs, we are able to leverage our extensive tax planning experience when developing financial planning strategies.

Risk Management and Diversification

We manage the risk of investing by diversifying your holdings among different sectors and types of assets. Diversification increases the stability of your investments while maintaining the potential for growth. In choosing an asset mix for your portfolio, we are always guided by your individual tolerance for risk.

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